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 Sports Therapy

Anaerobic Capacity & Power

Lean vs. Fat Mass Ratio




Aerobic Capacity

We train youth, adolescent,

Dynamic Balance

Strength & Conditioning

TLR is dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals through individualized training programs and personalized attention. We are here to help you achieve your goals, prevent injuries and improve athletic performance. 

We specialize in customized training programs for people in search of lifelong health and fitness. Our professional staff will meet with you and evaluate your goals in order to set-up the right plan for you. Training in our private studio and gym without the distractions of a large health club will allow you to avoid wasted time and energy and accelerate your success. Our gym features turf and access to outside where training sessions can take place. 

Our Athletic Therapist is specialist in exercise science, he possesses extensive knowledge of orthopedic and sports medicine. This background enables us to design effective training regimens to prevent injury and maximize performance. Before you begin a new exercise program, it is generally best to see your physician!




Hand-eye Coordination


Foot-eye Coordination

Past Participants

​Darcy Murphy - Tulsa Oilers ECHL/Manitoba Moose AHL

​Curtis Leonard - Fort Wayne Comets ECHL

​Luc Brown - Union College

​Jacob Panetta - Colgate University

​Dawson Baker - Trenton Golden Hawks/Sudbury Wolves


Explosive Power

Core Strength & Stability


adult & weekend warriors!

Sports Specific Training 

​At The Locker Room our sports specific training programs are individually designed to enhance athletic performance and prevent sports related injuries. Sports specific training is for athletes seeking a competitive edge over their competition. 

Personal Training
TLR offers one on one personalized training with your specific goals in mind. Every exercise regimen is individualized to accelerate your fitness success. Your trainer will discuss your goals, review your medical and training history, and then carefully plan out a structured approach to achieving your desired outcome.

Partner Training
If you seek added accountability and affordability, this training option is a good fit.  Working out with a friend, co-worker or spouse is fun and may provide additional motivation along the way. Regardless of your experience, needs and goals, The Locker Room will help you reach your optimal health through strength training, cardiovascular training and education

Cardiovascular & Muscular Endurance

​Off Season Hockey Training

Elite Program (16+ yrs)

​Choose between 8 or 16 week programs. These small groups are designed to prepare you for Junior or Pro Hockey Camps.  Combination of dry-land and on ice sessions that will increase your strength, power, agility and quickness. 

Development Program (13-16 yrs)

This 8 week general hockey program is designed to introduce off-season training to young hockey players. Athletes will be shown safe and effective exercises designed to develop strength, power, speed, agility and quickness. This program will have young hockey players stronger, faster and conditioned for their upcoming season.

Intro to Off Season (9-12 yrs)

This program is designed to introduce young athletes to hockey specific exercises to improve their strength, coordination, balance and agility. Instructors will guide players through a variety of body weight exercises, emphasizing the importance of technique.  Individual and team rates available.

Lateral Movement